Great food, desserts, music, and special guest speaker VJ Smith!  The committee tasked with planning the Ukraine Medical Supplies Fundraiser has been working hard and has a great program planned.  I encourage you support this Brookings Rotary Club event and fundraiser by placing orders for your own tickets and sharing the information about our event with your friends, associates, co-workers, and other people you interact with.  The best way to share information about our event is to send them the link via email or text. 
Thank you so much to Ginger for developing this website.  It looks sharp and will be able to be repurposed for other such Brookings Rotary Club events in the future.  Ginger, along with Kay, was also instrumental in developing a marketing plan for our event. More information on this event appears on page 4 of The COG.
As I mentioned last month a friend of our club had given $10,000 with the desire that we use this money to help with the situation in Ukraine.  That person is Keith Kurrish from the Isle of Man, Great Britain. He has visited our club off and on through the years and I believe is a friend of Rick Wahlstrom.
On top of all this, Dr. Dan Little has helped us to secure a $25,000 Disaster Grant from the Rotary Foundation!  Thank you, Dan, for all your work on this grant.  The fundraiser along with the gift from Keith and this disaster grant should allow us to make greater than a $40,000 impact for Ukrainians suffering from the war and war related conditions via our partner club in Barlad, Romania.  Hope to see you on November 13th.
Many thanks to Wes Tschetter who stimulated scholar dollar giving to the tune of over $1100 during the month of September. 
Many thanks to Past President Don Norton and his team who helped the club earn the 2021-22 Rotary Citation award – see award on page 3 of The COG.
President Erich