The end of my term as President of the Brookings Rotary Club (also known as the “Rotary Reign of Terror”) is fast approaching.  I am excited to announce that we have our next three Presidents lined up.  In 2024-25, Jen Olson will take over as President.  I have worked with Jen on the Rotary Board of Directors.  Jen is also the Chair of the Membership Committee.  I can attest confidently that Jen will bring strong leadership and organizational skills to this role.  The Membership Committee has four subcommittees and Jen has done a fantastic job organizing the activities of all of them.  She will also bring lots of energy as President.  I am excited to see what she will do as the new President.  Steve Sewell will take over as President in 2025-26.  Steve was recently appointed to the Board of Directors and has served as the Chair of the Service Committee.  What I appreciate the most about Steve is his strong commitment to these roles.  How many times in the past year have you seen Steve on our weekly Zoom call, announcing Thirsty Thursday and other service activities while traveling?  As a frequent traveler myself, I appreciate how difficult it is to participate in Rotary meetings while traveling.  Steve will be an excellent President.  Finally, Devan Schaefer will become President for the 2026-27 term.  Devan is a relatively new Rotarian who will bring tons of energy and new ideas to our club.  He already is one of the more active Rotarians participating in service projects.  These three Rotarians will be fantastic Presidents!
We recently completed the President Elect Leadership Seminar (PELS) that was organized by the leadership team in District 5610.  Bruce Nearhood will be our new District President.  Bruce challenged all of us to develop at least one new service project this year.  He also challenged Rotarians to “get out of their comfort zone” and develop new ideas to grow Rotary in our communities.  Membership has been a challenge for most of our clubs.  One idea that was worked in our neighboring district in Iowa is expansion of “satellite” or “extension” clubs.  These clubs often meet only twice per month and in the evening.  They are able to attract professionals who cannot attend weekly lunch meetings such as teachers.  This district has had lots of success with expanding membership with these extension clubs.  As we look forward to the future of our club in 10-20 years, we will need to continue to evolve and adapt with changing times.
All the best,
Michael G.