And That’s The Way it Is…
Many of us long for the days when the evening news was delivered by “Uncle Walter.” Walter Cronkite brought us the news objectively and focused on accuracy, summarizing the day with that famous line “and that’s the way it is.” And so, as I “sign off” after being President of the Rotary Club of Brookings for almost 2 full years, let me dwell on the way it is.
We have a great Rotary club because we have great people as members! People like Gregg Jongeling, who, with Jackie Lanning and Jim Gilkerson, organizes the food, sets up the tables, and fires up the Zoom each week. (Gregg also edits our monthly COG, where you probably first read about many of our Club activities!) It is great because of Del Johnson, our Club Secretary, who is meticulous in his documenting of attendance, board meetings, and member status. It is great because of Chad Vilhauer, our diligent Treasurer. It is great because we have people who step up to serve on the Board of Directors, who step up to be future officers, and who volunteer for the projects organized by Michael Gonda. It is great because of Millie Juel, who leads us in music each week. We have a great group that assembles every Tuesday, and also on Thirsty Thursdays. And I cannot thank Kay Norton enough for all she does to publicize our good works and keep “President Don” on the right page. Thank you all!
We will continue to be a great club because Erich Olson is going to be our President on July 1, and Yvette Campbell will be President-Elect. Our members will embrace their leadership and encourage them throughout their terms, just as they have me. The future looks bright, indeed, and we will continue to be a great club!
It’s been an interesting two years as we came out of COVID, started meeting again, and re-energized our community service. We lost a few members who decided not to return. I feel bad about that. But I’m confident that we will build our membership numbers moving forward.
Kay and I had the opportunity to meet comedian Red Skelton a few times. You may recall that at the end of his TV show he always said, “Good night, and may God Bless.” I like that sign off, too…
President Don