Happy New Year!
In hindsight I think many of us would just as soon say good riddance to 2022!  A major war in Europe, the highest inflation in 40 years, significant losses in both the stock and bond markets (while stock market declines are routine, to see both stocks and bonds down significantly at the same time is a very rare occurrence that had only happened twice before - in 1931 and 1969), another polarizing election cycle, and a devastating storm last spring that did damage to many of our homes and properties. 
But there were bright spots in 2022 as well, and one of them was your Brookings Rotary Club.  Thanks to Don’s leadership in the first half of the year, combined with Gregg’s hard work, we have been having regular in-person meeting with both speakers and food, just like in the pre-pandemic days.  Furthermore, the amount of service projects we have been involved in as a club has been amazing. Thank you to Michael Gonda for your leadership!  The Hope & Healing fundraiser for Ukraine was a success with a $50,0000 impact made to support the refugee situation, but also the resources and compassion of Rotary were demonstrated to many in our community. Thanks to all the many volunteers from our club who pitched in and made this something much bigger than our routine service projects. 
Lastly, we as a club received the Rotary Citation award!
Looking ahead to 2023 we will certainly have another great year. Because regardless of economic conditions, the weather, or politics we are the Brookings Rotary Club, and we will find new ways to make an impact and help others. 
Darla has lined up a great set of speakers for January. Please invite your friends to one or more of these meetings and expose them to Brookings Rotary. 
President Erich