Using Our Energy Wisely
It’s so easy to let our current circumstances drain our positive attitudes! That’s why I love our weekly Rotary meetings. It builds up positive energy. I’ve been doing some research into staying positive, and here’s what I found:
1.         Hold on to an Anchor. For some, your personal anchor may be your faith. For businesses, it may  be the vision or mission of the organization. For Rotarians, the anchor includes “Service Above Self.”  When you’re “grounded” in something bigger than you are, it’s a little easier to keep the big picture in mind as you move toward a positive future.
2.         Navigate the Negativity. Attitude expert Matt Booth says the number one rule for keeping a positive attitude is to tune out as much negativity as possible. This may mean turning off the evening news and social media, and picking up the Rotary magazine to read about the good works Rotarians engage in globally.  
3.         Manage Your Energy. This is another tip from Matt. Physical and mental energy management should be thought of like time management. Rest, get some exercise, drink plenty of water, and get involved in a positive activity – like a Rotary service project.
October started out with a great service project as Rotarians helped gather garments for the Salvation Army “Share the Warmth” coat drive. We’ll have others coming up, like decorating at McCrory Gardens and ringing the Salvation Army bell. And the week leading up to October 24th, we’ll be celebrating World Polio Day with author Mark Sternhagen speaking at our meeting October 20th. Rotary’s work to eradicate polio is a real “positive” – and one of the noblest projects in history.
Let’s channel our positive energy and continue to live out our mission of “Service Above Self” right into the holidays! I look forward to seeing you each Tuesday via Zoom, with our pre-meeting social time at 11:45 a.m.