No Need to be a RINO!
It was a few years ago when I first heard the expression "RINO." That’s a “Rotarian in Name Only.” The phrase is used to refer to a Rotary club member who rarely participates in club activities, and sometimes doesn’t see the big picture of the organization.  
As I mentioned at our July 7 meeting, I was a RINO for many years, but that changed in November of 2011. While traveling in India in preparation for bringing a leadership class to that country, two Rotarians from a club in New Delhi drove an associate and me to a remote village several hours away where we saw desks that had been donated by a good friend and fellow Rotarian from our home club. Suddenly, Rotary was more than just lunch and a speaker on Tuesday.
Here in Brookings, even though we continue to meet via Zoom each week, that’s no reason to be a RINO!
At our meetings each week, we learn more about the deeper meaning of Rotary. We’re hearing reviews of articles in The Rotarian magazine, exploring The Brookings Rotary Club Legacy Book for the Rotary Foundation, and discovering the personal stories of our members and what Rotary means to them.
While meeting online is not an ideal arrangement, we’re able to “see” each other and share in fellowship that is a hallmark of our club. Remember, the meeting starts at noon each Tuesday but the Zoom starts at 11:45 a.m. to enable members to chat. Join in!
In the meantime, it’s Service Above Self with community projects, scholarships, and new members. This is no time to be a RINO - we have work to do. Onward!
-President Don