‘Tis the Season
It may be a little early for a New Year’s Resolution, so I’ve decided to start with a December resolution – Have. More. Fun.
This is the Season of Giving, and Rotarians know all about giving time, talent, and treasure to help the Brookings community. We also know how to make a difference in the world. But I wonder, sometimes, if we have forgotten how to have fun while we give.
The experts will tell you that giving is GOOD for us. Helping others lowers blood pressure, increases self-esteem, reduces depression, lowers stress, and even promotes a longer life and greater happiness. Christmas can be hectic, but let’s keep this in perspective. Christmas and the time leading up to it is a celebration! Remember the song – “tis the season to be jolly.”
If you’ve been absent from Rotary recently, this is a great time to get back in the habit of attending Rotary meetings every Tuesday at noon and sharing the fellowship. We have a great lineup of guests this month, all selected to lift your spirits – starting with the Statesmen on December 7. And meals return to Rotary in January!
Resolved! More fun is on the way.
President Don