It’s hard to believe August is here!  It seems like summer has flown by.  Before we know it, kids will be returning to school, fruits and vegetables from our gardens will be harvested, and we’ll be watching football again.  The month of July seemed to fly by quickly for the Brookings Rotary Club too!  We’ve accomplished much this month.  We raised money for the United Way, installed a new President and Board, approved a new strategic plan, and had three terrific Tuesday meetings and a fun “Thirsty Thursday”.  It’s now time to start implementing the strategic plan, which we will start in earnest in August.
One of the goals in our strategic plan is to reorganize our committee structure.  I am excited about what this reorganization means for our club.  In August, I will pass along a list of committees (and subcommittees) in need of members.  I hope you will consider joining one of these committees or subcommittees.  I am reminded about an old quote that says if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.  I think this quote applies in the sense that our club’s direction will be set by the members who participate.  I hope all of you decide it’s worth your time to chip in your time, talent, and ideas.
We have an exciting August program planned, focusing primarily on the theme of education.  We also have at least one service project upcoming (painting the Born Learning Trails).  This service project is scheduled for the morning of August 3rd, the same day as Thirsty Thursday!  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two very important Rotary exchange groups that will be visiting Brookings in September.  One group is coming from Denmark and the other group is coming from Australia.  We are looking for Rotarians who are willing to host our guests.  Please consider hosting!  Tiffany and I hosted a couple from Sweden this fall and, despite my trepidation about inviting guests into our home who we did not know, it was a wonderful experience for us!  We’d do it again in a heartbeat and plan to host visitors from both Denmark and Australia.  Please also consider hosting our guests.
Make no mistake about it: the Rotary Club of Brookings makes a difference in people’s lives.  Never forget that.  I am a proud Rotarian today.  Together let’s continue to make an impact in people’s lives through Rotary!
Michael Gonda