Spring – the Season of Renewal
“Little darlin’, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darlin’, it seems like years since it’s been here.”  From “Here Comes the Sun” written by George Harrison.
George Harrison was stating a universal truth when he penned “Here Comes the Sun” back in 1969. He said he was inspired in April of that year because “it seems the winter in England goes on forever and when spring comes, you really deserve it!”
And so it is with the Rotary Club of Brookings. After our “long cold lonely winter” of 2020, we’re restarting our in-person club meetings at the Brookings Activity Center (BAC) on April 20. We deserve a celebration! Some club members wanted to start the in-person meetings sooner. Some wanted to start later. This probably means that the timing is just about right. The BAC plans to open to outside organizations the day before we arrive.
But spring in South Dakota can be fickle. The high temperature in Brookings was 81 degrees on March 29 this year. The high temperature was 36 degrees the next day.  Caution is the watchword for Spring, and so it is for the restart of our club. We want everyone to be safe and feel confident that they are safe when they return. Here are some points to think about:
  • If you have completed your vaccination cycle, you should be fine at the “Reunion Celebration.” If you’re concerned, check with your doctor;
  • We will continue to sit socially distanced;
  • We will have hand sanitizer available at our meetings – we always have;
  • Bring your own food – there will be no charge for meals, but coffee, water, and milk will be available at the meetings. Everyone eats what he or she likes; and
  • By all means, if you feel ill or just aren’t ready to join the group in person, stay home and join us via Zoom. The Restart Team has worked hard to make our new meeting format interactive and fun!
Speaking of fun, each Rotarian, either attending in person or at home, will receive a gift bag with Rotary-branded goodies, our 100th Anniversary Pin, the RI slogan pin for this year, and other prizes.
It’s time to CELEBRATE!